Financial Information


Financial Info and Painting Underwriting Process

  • This is a no cost, no risk program!  If your club qualifies, we will commission one of five nationally known award winning golf artists to create an original painting of a scene at your club.

  • We are very focused on selecting the best artist for your club’s scene.  The artist chosen for your club will determine the most iconic scene of the club based upon many factors. You may submit up to six holes for review and approval.

  • In order to underwrite the cost of the painting, a minimum of 24 of your members must commit to purchasing a limited edition print based off the original.  We will provide you with a promotional signup display to be placed in the clubhouse along with an email directing your members to an custom online signup page. Both clearly state the minimum financial commitment asked of the member and showcase the reference photo to be used by the artist.  Upon reaching 24 signatures, the artist will begin working on the original painting.

  • A limited edition run of 225 giclée prints of your club’s original painting will be created.  These fine art prints are made available exclusively to your members directly through the club.

Your Club Profits and Acquires the Original Painting !

  • Custom framed prints start at $365.00 (plus shipping to club or home).

  • Your club’s profit on all prints is 18% of the retail price and there is no inventory to be purchased.  Country Club Editions invoices you on a wholesale basis.

  • All invoicing to the members is done directly through the club and we supply the prints as you need them, so there is no inventory to maintain.

  • Upon the sale of 30 prints, you are eligible to receive the original painting (a $6,000.00 value) at no cost.

Available Edition Options and Pricing Overview

Print Only
Paper Standard 13″ x 19″ $260.00 $213.20 $46.80
Paper Artist Proof 16″ x 23″ $360.00 $295.20 $64.80
Canvas Standard 15″ x 22″ $385.00 $315.70 $69.30
Canvas Artist Proof 20″ x 30″ $435.00 $356.70 $78.30
Paper Standard 18″ x 24″ $365.00 $299.30 $65.70
Canvas Standard 16″ x 23″ $550.00 $451.00 $99.00
Paper Artist Proof 23″ x 30″ $620.00 $508.40 $111.60
Canvas Artist Proof 26″ x 36″ $700.00 $574.00 $126.00