Prior Commissions

Country Club Editions has been producing High Quality artwork for private clubs across the US and Canada since 1989. We have done custom paintings for over 650 clubs.

The early commissions 1989 to 2004 only produced 100 lithograph prints to be available to the members and many have sold out. 2005 to present the process of giclee printing has been utitlized which allowed for better quality prints and a higher print availability of 225 to be offered to the members.

Many of the past editions which still have prints available can be found in the “Limited Edition Art Program” category under “Courses” or by Clicking Here. If the Club has run the program in the past 5 years your ordering page can be accessed at or by Clicking Here.

A complete list of clubs done between 1989 and 2015 can be accessed though the button below.