Double Opening Framed Print

Customized for your Member Participants

We’ve seen a strong uptick in requests for a tournament prize that can include a photos of the tournament participants, so here you have it. We can pair your painting print from our Limited Edition Art Program or other supplied image with an empty mat opening below.

The framed piece arrives to you with an open backing and a hinged mat, allowing you to easily insert a photo of an individual members or groups taken the day of the tournament.

Quantity Pricing

Size/Quantity                               1-10                          11-20                      21-30                       31+

14″ x 18″                                        $130                         $120                         $110                       $100

16″ x 20″                                        $140                          $130                        $120                       $110

18″ x 24″                                        $160                          $150                        $140                       $130

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