Famous Courses

Pay Homage to World Famous Courses

Make your tournament prizes larger than life by taking advantage of our collection of famous course paintings as flight awards.  We have a wide array of prints by many renowned golf artists, including Graeme Baxter and Linda Hartough.

You can elect to do specifically themed flights based upon British and American courses, or even courses by architect.  If you have a smaller number of flights you can also base your selections on the locations of Majors happening throughout the year.

Quantity Pricing

Size/Quantity                               1-10                          11-20                      21-30                       31+

11″ x 14″                                        $120                         $110                         $100                       $90

14″ x 18″                                        $130                          $120                        $110                       $100

16″ x 20″                                        $140                          $130                        $120                       $110

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